The Art of Handmade Bag

At the House of York and Lancaster, luxury is created by the transformation of sustainable materials sought from the world’s finest tanneries, haberdashers, and hardware manufacturers.

Founded in 2017, the brand showcases a wide range of leather handbags, purses, and leather accessories. Each collection is designed with the end user in mind, from first impressions, practicality, and longevity.         

 At York and Lancaster each creation is unique and distinct. The atelier is based in New York, USA, the epicenter of American, and global fashion with is emphasis on fine arts and cultural diversity. Its lead designer, and founder, Olena Wills is the inspiration behind the brand.

Visionary creations are born through the combination of bold delineated geometric shapes, strong colors and Classical Art forged with intricate artisanal craftsmanship.
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