S & Y Collection

City Traveler’s Bag

“Heritage and practicality”

The S&Y collection epitomizes the connection between the designer’s ancestral heritage, avant-garde, a Railroad Conductors Bag, and the first letter of the company. In this creation, the designer embraces part of her heritage from the coat of arms that represents her birthplace of Sumy, Ukraine. The S in the collections title. The Y as in York.

 The works of visual artist and photographer Man Ray bring forth the touch of avant-garde in the designs shape. Representing the female form. The designer was also inspired by early examples of the Transport for London’s bus and train conductors ticket bag, its practical use and shape. 

 Sumy  City was founded by Cossack Herasym Kondratyev from StavyshcheBila Tserkva Regiment on the bank of the Psel River, a tributary of the river Dnieper. In 1656 there was built a city-fort that consisted of a fort and a town. According to an ancient legend the city of Sumy appeared in the place where Cossack settlers found three bags filled with gold coins and built their settlements on this money. Three bags are depicted on the coat of arms in the City’s center.

Man Ray, the American visual artist, who was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements was best known for his pioneering photography and was a renowned fashion and portrait photographer. While living in New York City, he was influenced by the avant-garde practices of European contemporary artists.


S&Y City Traveler’s Bag

One Size

Made from French Taurillon leather, unlined, solid brass hardware.

Comes with 2 inch wide cotton webbing adjustable strap

Optional short leather strap can be added.

Product cut, assembled, and stitched entirely by hand in New York USA.

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