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Lenochka Cotton Shopper Bag


The distinctive intricate embroidery on the front of the design depicts the famous Ballerina “Lenochka” originally created Oksana Zhnikrup, the Ukrainian ceramicist, whose works are held in the collection of the National Folk Decorative Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine. The sculpture “Seated Ballerina” by Jeff Koons, the American Artist, is closely inspired by her ceramic works of ballet dancers such as Ballerina Lenochka. The inflated sculpture in NYC’s Rockefeller center that towered 45 feet high, peering down at visitors to the popular tourist destination in Midtown Manhattan in 2017 was based on Zhnikrup’ s small porcelain figurine “Lenochka’. Koon’s sculpture acted as a contemporary iteration of the goddess Venus and symbolizes notions of beauty and connectivity. The word “Lenochka’ is a Ukrainian form of endearment for the girl’s name “Olena”.  The symbolic connectivity between Olena Square² is through the Ballerina “Lenochka” (Olena) and the designers arithmetical mindset, as through formular, Olena x Olena equals Olena Square.

Made of 100% Cotton fabric . Machine embroidery

“ECO-FRIENDLY: Responsible for saving the planet by not choosing paper or plastic bags, go green, bring our life in a colorful and creative way”.


Size 16 inches

Made of 100% Kona cotton fabric .

Machine embroidery

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