“The artist, dreamer, time traveler from the city of bags”

“The artist, dreamer, time traveler from the city of bags”

MS Olena Wills

Widely acknowledged as a leading artisan and a progressive designer. Olena first developed a passion for the arts and fashion, by studying painting and fine art at an early age, through private tuition and later, encouraged by her mother, she made her own clothes.


“The artist, dreamer, time traveler from the city of bags”.


Born and first educated in the Ukraine, in a city called Sumy, meaning bag. Trained in mathematics, physics, and economics, Olena uses geometry as a key fundamental to be able to visualize spatial relationships of points, lines, angles, and to provide balance, symmetry, and emphasis in her designs. As a professional photographer in the UK, Olena further developed her creative imagination and attention to detail.


Here in New York, Olena attended the New York Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in the fashion industry on Broadway, producing high-quality custom-made costumes for Broadway shows and movies, such as Frozen, The Greatest Showman, American Gods, and many others. 

Olena’s work is unique as it is a true transformation of art, history, and science into practical luxury leather goods.  She is one of only a few remaining artisans in the United States that solely uses hand stitching in the manufacturer of their handbags. Some of the individual creations can take between 120 to 160 hours to produce. 


From Founder
I had always worked with fabric but found that working with leather was more challenging. It’s more precise, requires more patience, and is almost unforgiving of mistakes. Simple forms require a long thinking process, to create something elegant, fashionable, and timeless, but also practical and comfortable, that will last for generations to come
Olena Wills
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House of York & Lancaster 


At the House of York and Lancaster, luxury is created by the transformation of sustainable materials sought from the world’s finest tanneries, haberdashers, and hardware manufacturers. Visionary creations are born through the combination of bold delineated geometric shapes, strong colors and classical art forged with intricate artisanal craftsmanship. Founded in 2017, the brand showcases a wide range of leather handbags, purses, and leather accessories. Each collection is designed with the end user in mind, from first impressions, practicality, and longevity.         


At York and Lancaster each creation is unique and distinct. The atelier is based in New York, USA, the epicenter of American, and global fashion with is emphasis on fine arts and cultural diversity. Its lead designer, and founder, Olena Wills is the inspiration behind the brand.

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